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2019-2020 Exhibition Season Call for Artists/Makers

Deadline: April 2, 2019


Boise State University is a metropolitan research university providing leadership in academics, civic engagement, and the arts. Its Student Union Building is the heartbeat of the campus and brings together students, faculty, and community members. Its galleries are open to the public daily from 6 am to midnight and provide a calm, studious tone to over 600 visitors a day; therefore, your art would take an active role in fostering student and community success through the practice of art making and presentation.

We are looking to feature student and community makers in solo shows, group projects, or in guest curated exhibitions during the academic year of 2019-2020 at the Student Union’s Fine Arts Gallery and the Trueblood Gallery. Our main priority is to show quality, cohesive bodies of work, and so we are looking for makers/artists who can engage diverse audiences and foster civic discourse. We embrace all subject matter and encourage the exploration of cultural, identity, and social issues. All genres and media are welcome, including but not limited to sculpture, photography, painting, fiber art, metalwork, installation and ephemeral works; all styles are welcome, from the traditional to the conceptual. Makers need not be professional artists.

Priority consideration for exhibition periods is provided to applicants who apply on or before April 29, 2019. Applications submitted after this date will be accepted on a rolling basis until our season schedule is complete.

Submitted applications will be considered final. If you choose to complete the application gradually, you may do so using saved information from your computer’s web browser if settings are enabled.

Applicants will receive email notification regarding their accepted, denied or waitlist status in May to allow time for review by the Student Union Arts Advisory Board.

Please feel free to contact Fonda Portales, University Art Curator and Collections Manager at fondaportales@ if you have any questions. We hope to make this an exciting and collaborative process from application to exhibition.


Before you begin, please take a moment to review the exhibition application FAQs located below. Have more questions? Contact for details.


Am I eligible to apply?

All currently enrolled Boise State University undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members may apply to exhibit their work as a complete show in the Student Union Gallery. Traveling and collaborative shows are also eligible under a shared application with a lead contact acting as the organizer for your group. Selected exhibitors must agree to display their work for an approximate 2-month exhibition period (8 weeks).

What do I need to have ready to apply?

  • Your contact information and names of all artists exhibiting
  • Brief artist summary or curriculum vitae and artist statement
  • Proposed exhibition information
    • title and description
    • 5-7 digital samples or sketches of your work, ready to submit as a single file OR 7-10 individual files (16 MB or less for all combined). The images you provide in your application give us a sample of what we can expect from your upcoming show! If chosen, your final number of works will be more in number than the samples provided. Just remember that you have a full gallery to work with!
    • artwork list and details
  • Calendar of your availability to exhibit

*Exhibiting as a group? Proposing work that is yet to be created? Sketches and samples of your work are acceptable too!

How will my application be evaluated?

The Student Union Arts Advisory Board will support the Student Union in evaluating your exhibition application as follows:

  • We carefully review each application on its own merit and look for originality, quality, cohesiveness, and a distinct and passionate artistic point of view.
  • We select applications for exhibition that are challenging, interesting, and inspiring of dialog and interaction from students, faculty, and community members who visit the Student Union.
  • We give first preference to quality applications from current undergraduate and graduate students, followed by members of the Boise State (alumni, faculty and staff), then external community applicants.
  • We consider additional factors including show size and scope (remember, you have an entire gallery to fill so be intentional in letting us know how your work will serve as the main attraction), timeliness with current events and issues on campus and in the community, as well as the availability of the applicant(s) to exhibit.
  • We will consider all applications first which are submitted according to the priority deadline. Applicants submitting after the gallery deadline will be contacted only if there is a vacant space within the gallery and their work will be actively considered for exhibition.

The Student Union Exhibition series includes between 10 to 12 full exhibitions per academic year, with additional pop-up exhibitions.

When will I be notified?

Applicants will receive email notification regarding their accepted, denied or deferred status prior to close of business on 4/19/2019 to allow time for review by the Student Union Arts Advisory Board. Accepted applicants must sign and return an exhibition agreement in order to confirm their intent to exhibit. Denied or deferred applicants may also indicate their wish to be considered should a space in the schedule become available.

What can you tell me about the gallery/exhibition space?

Selected exhibitors will display their work as a solo or group-organized show in the Student Union Gallery on the second floor of the Student Union Building.

Remember, you have a whole gallery to work with!

Student Union Fine Arts Gallery, Second Floor, above main staircase

The gallery footprint is included to the left of this page to serve as a reference when you are planning your application. Feel free to visit the gallery space in person to envision how your work may appear within the space. Other spaces may be available for a “pop-up” style exhibition as available and identified by Student Union staff. A wide range of gallery equipment and display panels is provided to exhibitors, subject to availability and condition. Applicants selected for exhibition will meet with the Student Union staff to determine optimal configuration and to discuss equipment needs. Each exhibition will feature a vinyl exhibition title, to be designed, placed, and installed by university staff within the gallery space.


What equipment is available in the gallery/exhibition space?

Pending availability and condition, a wide variety of standard gallery equipment is available to exhibitors within the Student Union Gallery, including:

Interlocking Display Panels 

  • QTY 16 | 39.37″” x 90.42″ Mila Walls (support 44 lbs per nail)

Plinths and Vitrines (Pedatals and Acrylic Covers)

  • QTY 2 | 18″ x 18″ x 38″ pedestal base, optional 18″ x 18″ x 24″ acrylic cover
  • QTY 2 | 16″ x 16″ x 36″ pedestal base, optional 16″ x 16″ x 22″ acrylic cover
  • QTY 2 | 14″ x 14″ x 34″ pedestal base, optional 14″ x 14″ x 20″ acrylic cover
  • QTY 1 | 3′ x 3′ x 2 1/2 ‘ pedestal base, optional 3′ x 3′ x 3’ acrylic cover
  • QTY 3 | 22″ x 42″ exhibition case, optional 22″ x 42″ x 22″ acrylic cover (must be reserved far in advance)

Power,  Audio, and Lighting

  • QTY  6 | Electrical Outlets (includes one floor outlet)
  • House sound speaker system access
  • Track lighting system


  • velcro, nails, screws, fishing line, and hanging wire within budget specifications

*Note: Exhibitions selected for pop-up exhibitions will be subject to available equipment during the time of the exhibition. Specialized installation hardware not listed above is subject to approval by the Student Union and must be provided by the artist(s) at their own expense.

What is expected of me as the artist/exhibitor?

Upon accepting an offer to exhibit, artist(s) will agree to:

  • Abide by university policies and guidelines for exhibitors during the exhibition process (from installation to exhibition and deinstallation)
  • Communicate and consult regularly and professionally with Student Union staff about logistics for the exhibition and meet all deadlines for deliverables relating to the exhibition, installation, deinstallation, and promotion. If more than one artist is exhibiting together, one individual must serve as the point of contact.
  • Provide artwork for the exhibition, which is ready to hang (no “L” nails) and be available for display during the entire exhibition duration.
  • Provide any and all specialty installation components including specialty hardware and/or essential electronics which may be part of the exhibition, such as projectors, screens, etc.
  • Provide an itemized list of selected artwork to include title, media, sale price, year completed, and Artist(s) name(s).*
  • Provide up to 5 digital images representing the exhibition for promotional purposes.*
  • Provide biographical information on the artist(s) and artwork for promotional purposes.*
  • Arrange and pay for any/all delivery and transport of the artwork to and from the exhibition space in a timely, organized manner.*
  • Return 40% of revenue from sales of any exhibition artwork during the exhibition period. A check should be made payable to Boise State University. Boise State University student artists who are actively enrolled during all or part of their exhibition period are exempt from this commission structure.

*The ARTIST(s) and Student Union designee will agree upon dates for the completion of above noted items.

What can I expect of the Student Union staff?

Upon finalizing the offer to exhibitors to display work in the Student Union, the Student Union agrees to…

  • Provide a designated exhibition time and location for the exhibition
  • Communicate and consult regularly and professionally with the artist/exhibitor about logistics for the exhibition and meet all deadlines for deliverables relating to the exhibition, installation, deinstallation, and promotion.
  • Develop, design, and execute a promotions plan for the exhibition within budget specifications (may include combination of digital advertising/email, social media, printing and mail campaign, public service announcement, and/or press release)
  • Provide Student Union staff for installation, deinstallation, and standard maintenance
  • Provide standard hardware for installation including velcro, nails, screws, fishing line, and hanging wire within budget specifications.
  • Provide university insurance coverage for artwork selected for exhibition during installation, exhibition, and deinstallation. Insurance value may not exceed $500,000 per the University’s requirements.
  • Develop, design, and have installed vinyl signage on the title wall in the gallery space
  • Provide normal building security for the exhibition
  • Coordinate a free and public reception in celebration of the exhibition, with budget and arrangements for catering from University Dining Services not to exceed $250 in value.

What standards are in place for health, safety, and public display?

  • Student Union staff will curate and install the exhibition, with consultation and support from the exhibitor.
  • Student Union staff will light the exhibition, with consultation from the exhibitor.
  • Selected artwork may not stain, damage, prohibit ingress and egress, or cause excessive audio disruption to the facility, equipment, or surrounding meeting rooms.
  • Student Union staff will review installation methods of securing, hanging, and attaching any and all artwork. This may include an assessment of size, weight, and any specialty hardware intended for use during the exhibition process.
  • Student Union staff may review and screen, prior to opening, any exhibition or part thereof that may be considered unsafe, inappropriate for public display, and/or in direct conflict with Boise State University’s shared values.
  • Student Union will observe all ADA requirements for arrangement and museum display of artworks.
  • Student Union staff may conduct maintenance in and around the exhibition space if determined necessary. It is our hope that any exhibition that may be on display at that time will not be affected. If the exhibition is affected to the point that it is deemed necessary to remove the exhibition, the Student Union will attempt to reschedule the exhibition at a time that works for both the Student Union and the ARTIST(s).

Help! I still have questions

If you still have questions, feel free to email Jon our mailing list here :