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Art Advisory Board

The Student Union Fine Arts program recognizes the value of exhibiting artwork throughout the facility. The Student Union Art Advisory Board is responsible for developing and interpreting policy; reviewing exhibition proposals for rotational spaces; and recommending items to be placed in the Student Union Permanent Collection. The committee is an advisory board for the Student Union.

2016 Р2017 Art Advisory Board Membership

Veiko Valencia, Graduate Student, Fine Arts*
Carrie Quinney, Graduate Student, Fine Arts*
Jade Donnelly, Associated Students of Boise State University*
Elaine Watson, Boise State University Albertsons Library
Nicole Herden, Curator of Art, Boise Art Museum
John McMahon, Idaho Commission on the Arts
Roger Pritiken, Student Union Staff
Rochelle Criswell, Student Union Staff

Fonda Portales, University Art Curator and Collections Manager, Chair

Dejah Devereaux, Curatorial Assistant, Co-Chair*

* denotes student member