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Exhibition Season 2018-2019

Mission Statement of Student Union Fine Arts Gallery

The purpose of the Student Union Fine Art Exhibitions Program is to display a variety of art media and to provide challenging and interesting work while encouraging an aesthetic understanding. All exhibitions and gallery receptions are free and open to the public.

Current  Exhibitions

Image Credits: D’Arcy Bellamy, Apparition, 2018, metal sculpture

Pipe Dream

D’Arcy Bellamy

April 14- May 12, 2019


D’Arcy Bellamy transforms steel pipe into abstract, kinetic sculptures. Working in a method he calls “subtractive fabrication,” he removes material from the pipe using a plasma cutter, adding only space until the work reveals itself. His sculptures reflect many of the principles of Zen aesthetics and Wabi-Sabi, a framework pivoting on the reception of dynamic and evolving imperfection. These finished forms cast intentioned shadows and capture the essence of movement by springing to life when gently touched. Bellamy’s spirals suggest the tension between possibility and change while his figures present archetypal forms with limitless interpretations.


Exhibition Location

Student Union Fine Arts Gallery, Boise State University


Sketchy Somethings

Sketchy Somethings

Dejah Devereaux

March 10 – May 12, 2019


Through the series entitled Sketchy Somethings, Dejah Devereaux explores an emotional life in the artist’s unknown future, here portrayed through line and form–each portrait a fragment of Devereaux’s personality. In direct response to the fear of not being good enough and then the surety of belonging while standing in her artistic ground, Devereaux practices mark making on fragile paper to raise the tension between hesitation and action, anxiety and calm.  Inherent in the word ‘something’ there is the possibility of anything and the potential for greatness within.


Exhibition Location

Student Union Trueblood Gallery, Boise State University


Upcoming Exhibitions

40th Idaho Watercolor Society, June 2-June 27, 2019 in Fine Arts Gallery

Past Exhibitions